Strange Talk Debut EP

Strange Talk Debut EP

Back in October, we gave you Strange Talk’s amazing single “Climbing Walls”, which was featured on Kitsuné’s tenth Maison compilation. Now, the Aussie four-piece band (formerly known as Thieves of Aon) are ready to drop their debut, self-titled EP on April 12th via Neon Gold Records overseas and Fine Time Records in Australia. Check out the lead EP cut “Eskimo Boy” and the Lightwaves remix of the track. Keep an eye on these guys. Enjoy!

[audio:|leftbg=0xff022f|rightbg=0x00ff01|lefticon=FFFFFF|righticon=0xFFFFFF|loader=0xFFFFFF|border=0x00ff01]Strange Talk: “Eskimo Boy” [mp3]

[audio:|leftbg=0xff022f|rightbg=0x00ff01|lefticon=FFFFFF|righticon=0xFFFFFF|loader=0xFFFFFF|border=0x00ff01]Strange Talk: “Eskimo Boy” [Lightwaves Remix] [mp3]


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