Stephan Eicher: “Les Filles Du Limmatquai (Whatever/Whatever Remix)”

Stephan Eicher: “Les Filles Du Limmatquai (Whatever/Whatever Remix)”

Berlin-based producer and Relish head honcho Robi Insinna, aka Headman, recently dropped an EP featuring reworks of classic tracks by Swiss singer-songwriter Stephan Eicher, a former member of the legendary new wave band Grauzone of “Eisbaer” fame. Alongside Headman/Robi Insinna’s great rework of “Nice”, the EP also includes a sublime eight-minute remix of “Les Filles Du Limmatquai” from Whatever/Whatever, the New York duo of veteran producer Justin Strauss and Bryan Mette. What a ride! Both original tracks are taken from Stephan Eicher’s 1984 album “Les Chansons Bleues”.

The Stephan Eicher Reworks EP is out now via Relish Recordings. Pick up your 12” here.

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