Softwar: “This Time Around” EP

Softwar: “This Time Around” EP

We’ve been following Softwar for some time now. After releasing their excellent debut EP on DJ Kaos label Jolly Jams last year, the Sydney-based duo of Myles Du Chateau and Jeremy Lloyd return with another great release. Their new four-track EP “This Time Around” on Future Classic is full of 90s vibes and we love it. It’s quite hard to pick a favorite. In their own words: “We tried to give the songs half decent, suitable names. ‘This Time Around’ was kinda easy as the lyrics are pretty self explanatory…’you got me feeling real good this time around’, ‘August’ was made in… Surprise… August! and then ‘Taken Liberty’ was made with honestly no real meaning in mind at all – maybe a reference to some time we spent in New York last year.” Softwar’s EP “This Time Around” is out now. Pick up the 12” here. Out digitally on March 6th.

mp3: Softwar: “Constellations”


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