Shindu: “Happy House” EP

Shindu: “Happy House” EP

Meet Shindu. Out of the dark and into the blue, two boys and a girl from Belgium collide to create a new synth-pop sensation. With their debut single “Happy House”, a brilliant cover of Siouxsie and the Banshees’ 1980 classic song, the band pays tribute to their love of late 80s electronica with the help of Moonlight Matters (ex Villa). The “Happy House” EP is coming out on June 27th on Kitsuné, backed with remixes from Herr Styler, Midnight Savari, Polydor, Jerry Bouthier and Martians. You can now preview the full EP below. Happy!

Shindu – Happy House EP Minimix by Shindu

Download the Minimix here.


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