Sare Havlicek: “Escape Machine”

Sare Havlicek: “Escape Machine”

Slovenian producer Sare Havlicek dropped today his second album “Escape Machine” full of summery vibes and disco grooves that are sure to set dancefloors alight this summer. It’s a direct progression from his most recent single “Vibe On You” and sounds pretty awesome. Today, we have for you an exclusive track from the album, the feel-good jam “Too Far Ahead”, which features Mitja on vocals. You can download the radio edit of the track below. Fill it up!

[audio:|leftbg=0xff022f|rightbg=0x00ff01|lefticon=FFFFFF|righticon=0xFFFFFF|loader=0xFFFFFF|border=0x00ff01]Sare Havlicek: “Too Far Ahead” (feat. Mitja) [mp3]

Preview the album here, and then buy your copy here. Out now on Nang Records. Also, take a peek behind the scenes and watch “The Making of Escape Machine” below:


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