Ptaki: “Girlandy”

Ptaki: “Girlandy”

Warsaw-based duo Ptaki, which translates to “Birds” in Polish, have made a name for themselves with quality releases on labels such as The Very Polish Cut-Outs and Young Adults and solid disco edits based on obscure Polish records from the ’80s. Later this month, the duo of Jaromir Kamiński and Bartosz Kruczynski, better known as The Phantom, will finally drop their debut album called “Przelot”, a sample-based record of dreamy mid-tempo workouts, sleazy chuggers, Yacht Rock leanings and Balearic affairs. One of our favorite tracks from that record is “Girlandy”, a glorious sun-drenched beauty with blissed-out Balearic vibes. Give it a spin above. You can stream the whole thing here.

Ptaki’s debut album “Przelot” will arrive on May 30th via Transatlantyk label. Pre-order here.

Ptaki: “Warsaw”


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