Private Agenda: “Paralysed”

Private Agenda: “Paralysed”

We first introduced you to Berlin-based trio Private Agenda when we shared their splendid debut EP “Déjà Vu” of breezy, Balearic pop goodness. Fast-forward six months later, the up-and-coming trio of Nick, Martin and Sean, return to Mark Barrott’s highly-respected International Feel label with their second release, a new three-track EP called “Paralysed”. The EPs title track is an absolute delight. It’s a finely crafted, piano-laden tune that’s primed for nothing but good times. Needless to say, it’s already on repeat.

Private Agenda’s “Paralysed” EP, which also features the original track “Little Bird” and a remix of the title track by Tuff CIty Kids, aka Lauer and Gerd Janson, is out now via International Feel. Pick up your 12” here.

Private Agenda: “Freefalling”


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