[Premiere] Tone Of Arc: “Sundust”

[Premiere] Tone Of Arc: “Sundust”

Roam Recordings’ second offering of 2016 comes from Tone Of Arc, the eclectic San Francisco-based duo of producer, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist Derrick Boyd, aka Dead Seal, and his wife, vocalist Zoe Presnick, who last graced us with their superb second full-length album “Urgent Turquoise” on Om Records. Now, they’re back with a brand-new EP called “Sundust” of dark grooves and haunting soundscapes that consists of two well-crafted original tracks and a fine remix of the title track by Mexican producer Yoan Rodriguez, aka Lokier.

Before its digital release on March 18th, you can now stream the two original cuts, “Sundust” and “The Indigent”, exclusively on La.Ga.Sta. Electrified by Derrick’s pensive words, the EPs title track is a deep, hypnotic groover, with a cold focus poised in outer space where all things are rooted and derived from the dust of suns, planets, and entire galaxies colliding and time. “The Indigent” serves more as a warm, clean instrumental track to those who enjoy drifting beyond the mortal mind and into a room filled with spirit guides who play lovingly with color and sound, cracking jokes and dancing for you in a technicolor excellence. Enjoy the ride.

Pre-order the “Sundust” EP here.

Tone of Arc: “The Rip” [Portishead Cover]


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