[Premiere] Bxentric: “Surrender”

[Premiere] Bxentric: “Surrender”

It’s certainly been quite some time since we last heard from London-based electro-disco outfit Bxentric. Obsessed with all things analogue, they have already dropped some quality remixes for Flight Facilities, The C90s, and Mighty Mouse, not to mention their gorgeous single “Foolishness” that caused a stir when it was included on Aeroplane’s 2011 compilation “In Flight Entertainment”.

After a long wait, Bxentric return in a big way with their debut single “Surrender” for Glasgow Underground. Now you can take an exclusive first listen to “Surrender”, a great synth-pop track with swirling synths and infectious vocals from Emily Breez that has the “Drive” soundtrack feel to it. Something that makes it ideal for your next late-night ride across the city. It’s quite hard not to surrender.

Bxentric’s “Surrender” arrives on July 29th via Glasgow Underground, and comes complete with fine remixes by the likes of Kevin McKay, Phil Kelsey and LA’s Cosmic Kids. Fill it up!


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