Premiere: ATTAR! – Folivora Parade

Premiere: ATTAR! – Folivora Parade

Over the last years he used to drive a…Mustang, now the talented Belgian producer and DJ Renaud Deru (formerly of Mustang) has decided to step out on his own and express himself under his new solo project, called ATTAR!. This year has been pretty damn busy for him. Having released a series of great mixtapes and some quality remixes for Gossip, Citizens!, Adamski, NTEIBINT and Appaloosa, among others, ATTAR! is ready to take the world by storm.
His super catchy first single “Folivora Parade” drops tomorrow for free download as a gift to his Facebook fans (go “Like” his page here), but for now you can exclusively stream it right here on La.Ga.Sta. Expect nothing but pure vibes. In the meantime, ATTAR! is coming to Athens, Greece this Saturday (20/10) and we couldn’t be more excited. Ahead of his appearance at Factory@λ, as a special guest of the “BeDazzler” parties, he speaks to us about his first single, Mustang’s split up, the “nu-disco” scene and music in general. You can read the interview with our beloved ATTAR! below.

La.Ga.Sta.: Hi ATTAR! Why did you choose this moniker?

ATTAR!: Maybe because the classic “Atari Stella 2600” was born in October 1977, like me. No, seriously it’s quite uneasy to tell as there’s no specific reason. I found this moniker more than a year ago. I had some personal musical drafts in my computer and I had the idea to start my own project. By accident, I found some images of my old Atari computer on Google and I said “Oh shit, that sounds good”. I think a moniker doesn’t need to have a deep personal meaning, but should lead you perfectly if you simply feel good behind it.

Your first single “Folivora Parade” drops tomorrow on Aeropop. Can you tell us more about the story behind it?

In fact, “Folivora Parade” will not be released on Vito’s label Aeropop. It’s a self production, a gift that I wanted to offer to my Facebook followers. Aeropop is a record label for the Aeroplane productions and collaborations and a management agency. I have been managed by Aeropop since early September and I can say that it has changed my life. Now I can focus on the music production 100%, and I feel well supported at the same time, which is great. I wrote “Folivora Parade” one year ago. It’s the first track I have ever written alone. The melody is naive and simple and also quite emotive. First, I didn’t want to release it, because since the end of Mustang I have worked on lots of other tracks and remixes. But when I heard it some weeks ago, I fell in love with it again.

How did you get into making music?

It was a childhood dream. I got into music when I received my first drum mat 7. Then, I played drums in some rock bands when I was a teenager, but I stopped 15 years ago. I properly started to learn about machines and musical productions 4 years ago, when I decided to focus more on music than organising club and party events. Of course I learnt a lot when I was in studio together with Andy during Mustang. But, I can say that the most I’ve learned is on my own. Reading books, watching tutorials, trying stuff. The way people produce music is very personal after all.

What’s your creative process like? Where do you find inspiration from?

Sometimes it comes like a divine inspiration, sometimes not. For example, the synth melodies in my remix for Adamski came to me in a swimming pool in Thailand. I sang it into my iPhone and recorded it. Back in studio, I played it on my Juno 106 and the remix emerged naturally. Sometimes, it’s different, I use some samples as a basis and then create melodies that work with them, and then delete the sample and finish the track. Working with a singer is also a great inspiration source: I send a draft with some melodies, the singer tries some vocals on it and then I go back into it and change stuff (or not). I could be inspired by anything.

Do you miss Mustang? Is there any chance you two getting back together?

No, I don’t miss Mustang. It was a great experience for sure, we had very good times and I keep some great souvenirs, but the end of the story was unfortunately uneasy. I think it was the hardest period of my life as the split came about very quickly and I wasn’t prepared for it. Anyway, quite unexpectedly, I soon realized that working alone is probably the best way to make music. Now I’m free to explore all the ways I want, it’s an amazing luxury.

Do you mind being called “nu-disco”?

I have to say yes. You know, the “nu-disco” genre was created some years ago for artists like Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas or Aeroplane and all this exciting new 112 bpm dancing scene. During this period, “nu-disco” made sense. But some months ago, it became a junk-room. When you check the “indie/Nu-Disco” part on Beatport, you can see it. It’s going from loungy stuff to hard maximal-electroclash. A big mess. I make music, house music in its former meaning: The music you can produce in your house.

Three things we should know about ATTAR!…

– My remix for Giorgio Moroder’s “From Here To Eternity” will be out on November 12th on MB Disco.
– My second single with a great singer from Edinburgh is almost finished, stay tuned!
– I’ve recently started to dj with USB sticks only, and it’s life-changing for me.

Which piece of equipment do you absolutely love and can’t live without?

My iPhone. I’m addicted. In the studio, my Waves plug-ins and my Juno 106.

What’s the best thing you’ve heard this year?

The Chrome Canyon album “Elemental Themes”, the forthcoming Tiger & Woods remix of Aeroplane’s “In Her Eyes” (feat. Jamie Principle), Compuphonic’s “Sunset”, Mickey’s “Weekend” (feat .Billie), and the whole Diynamic Recordings discography.

Any records that have changed your life?

The Cure – Desintegration
Serge Gainsbourg – Je Suis Venu Te Dire Que Je M’en Vais
Nirvana – Nevermind
Pixies – Trompe Le Monde
Daft Punk – Homework
Common Factor – Get Down
Sébastien Tellier – Sexuality

What’s your favorite era of (past) music and why?

Definitely the 80s. Because it was the first music I heard and because it was a very strange and innovative music period full of the “best” and the “worst” tracks ever.

What are your three greatest loves in life?

– Honesty, sincerity and free relationships.
– Eating good food all around the world.
– Music.

What do the next few months hold for you?

A lot of work in the studio, doing sports, leaving Brussels and travelling.

Have you played Atari today?

“Space Invaders” is waiting for me right now. Let’s go!

mpFree: Gossip: “Perfect World” [ATTAR! Remix]


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