Pop & Eye: “Toil For Olive Oyl” EP

Pop & Eye: “Toil For Olive Oyl” EP

Who are Pop & Eye? We don’t know much about them. What we do know is that they come from Sweden, they eating spinach and creating “space pop to make your body rock”. Some insists that behind this mysterious band is no other than Tiger & Woods, who they claim that they have nothing to do with Pop & Eye. Anyway, the good news is that Pop & Eye are back for more funky goodness. Last year, Pop & Eye landed with their “Spinach Spaceship”, a great tack off their first EP “Out To Punch”, and now they just released another killer EP on Tiger & Woods own label, Editainment. The “Toil For Olive Oyl” EP contains four bangin’ tracks: “Being Boing” joint cleverly samples from the Pet Shop Boys, “Blow Me Down” borrows from the gorgeous Sade, “Give Me A Fight” uses parts of George Benson’s classic “Give Me The Night” and “Spinach Life” is just plain dope. Here is the track “Being Boing” for your listening pleasure. Give it a spin below.

The “Toil For Olive Oyl” EP is out now via Editainment. Pick up the 12” here.


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