Ponzu Island: “Super Koto (Andras Fox Extended Mix)”

Ponzu Island: “Super Koto (Andras Fox Extended Mix)”

Welcome to Ponzu Island. The next release on Barcelona’s label Apersonal Music comes from Australian mysterious project called Ponzu Island. His first effort comes in the form of a five-track EP titled “Ponzu Beach”, which consists of three original cuts and two fine remixes by Andras Fox and Trujillo. The record sounds as if “Morgan Geist and Todd Terje took some acid and locked themselves in a room with a sea view, a synth, and a computer,” says the label. Our favorite cut from the release is the superb extended mix of “Super Koto” by Melbourne’s house producer Andras Fox, or simply András, who turns the original tune into a glorious sun-drenched beauty. Press play.

The “Ponzu Beach” EP is out now via Apersonal.
Pick up your 12” here.

András: “Gold Coast” [Surfer’s Paradise Mix]


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