Polographia: “Rhythm” (feat. Jordan Padilla)

Polographia: “Rhythm” (feat. Jordan Padilla)

We first caught wind of Sydney’s Polographia all the way back in 2011, when the duo of Moktar Youngblood and Daniel Finn dropped their self-released debut EP “Sunsets”, a collection of five quality tracks filled with sunny summer vibes. Following a handful of fine remixes, not to mention last year’s collaboration with fellow Aussie duo Cosmo’s Midnight, Polographia recently signed to Sweat It Out Music for their release of their new five-track EP called “Natural”. Our first taste from that forthcoming record comes in the form of “Rhythm”, a blissfully soothing track featuring vocals from Jordan Padilla, guaranteed to take you away to warm climes. Give it a spin above.

Polographia’s new single “Rhythm” will drop on July 17th via Sweat It Out Music.

Polographia: “Sunsets” EP


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