Planningtorock: “Drama Darling” Video

Planningtorock: “Drama Darling” Video


Chanel Show Version.

Planningtorock, aka celebrated gender-queer song writer, composer, producer and director Jam Rostron, has returned with a new EP, titled “PlanningtoChanel”, including tracks that soundtracked Chanel’s Autumn-Winter 2020 show earlier this year. The EP was created in collaboration with the brand’s sound director Michel Gaubert. Today the artist shares a video for this epic track “Drama Darling”, directed by Planningtorock and motion animation by artist Jenni Pasanen.

“Usually when I direct a video for a planningtorock song I know what visual I wanna go for because my songs are about me and my story,” Jam explains. “‘Drama Darling’ was different. This track was not about me but rather about me facilitating Michel Gaubert’s musical vision for a new Chanel show. So I came up with the idea of the ‘PlanningtoChanel speaker’. It seemed to encapsulate precisely all the elements of lovely this collaboration. My music, Michel’s sonic vision and Chanel’s iconic chic. This is the first time I’ve ever commissioned a motion video and the first time working with Jenni Pasanen. We had a lot of fun and I look forward to our next collaboration.”

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