PillowTalk: “Lullaby”

PillowTalk: “Lullaby”

San-Francisco house darlings PillowTalk, comprised of Sammy D, Michael Tello and Ryan Williams, make a welcome return to Wolf + Lamb Records with their new single “Lullaby”, which follows the trio’s solid EP “Far From Heaven”.

Inspired by work from acclaimed illustrator David Polonsky, “Lullaby” is something different, a track that has almost nothing to do with the PillowTalk’s previous Motown-flavored, R&B-influenced house tracks. It’s an eight-minute tune, delicate and haunting, that grows on you with every listen.

The single comes complete with two more original productions, “Can’t It Be Simple” and “We All Have Rhythm”, which finds the PillowTalk boys crafting something that’s deliciously funky. Give “We All Have Rhythm” a spin below and sing-a-long with us.

PillowTalk’s “Lullaby” is out now on Wolf + Lamb Records. Pick up your 12” here.


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