Pelifics + Electric Youth: “Wish It Could Last”

Pelifics + Electric Youth: “Wish It Could Last”

Oslo producer Pelifics, aka Eirik Seu Stokkmo, dropped today his new three-track EP “Lifetime Vol. 1” on Brilliantine, which combines his love for disco and house sounds, with a strong homage to 1980’s pop and funk. The lead track of the release is the ethereal and beautiful “Wish It Could Last”, a collaboration with Toronto’s Drive Soundtrack darlings Electric Youth. It sounds so good. The EP also includes the track “Can’t Promise Anything”, featuring Human Life, and “Magic”. In his own words: “The track “Magic” started off as a homage to one of my all time favourite tracks “Nothing Looks the Same in the Light” from Wham!’s album Fantastic”. “Lifetime Pt. 2” is due for release on March 26th.

Buy the EP “Lifetime Vol. 1” here.


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