Panama: “Always”

Panama: “Always”

After a long wait, Sydney-based band Panama, fronted by Perth-born songwriter and classically-trained pianist Jarrah McCleary, return to Future Classic with their second EP “Always”, which follows last year’s superb six-track EP “It’s Not Over” of infectious synth-pop tunes and sun-drenched vibes.

The band’s sophomore effort is much more mature musically. For the EPs title track and lead single, Panama have once again teamed up with super producer Eric Broucek (of DFA Records fame) to deliver a powerful piano ballad perfect for driving down the LA freeway with the windows down and the open road ahead. The release comes with two more original tracks, the seductive slow house tune “How We Feel” and the late-night “Destroyer”, inspired by the “Drive” soundtrack. Way to go!

The “Always” EP is available now for a limited time as a name-your-price download over at Panama’s Bandcamp.

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