NTEIBINT: “Feelings”

NTEIBINT: “Feelings”

Here’s something nice from our beloved NTEIBINT, the alter ego of the talented Greek producer/DJ George Bakalakos. With his new “Never Without You” EP set to drop via Eskimo Recordings later this month, NTEIBINT has offered up a superb seven-plus minute rework of Ronnie Laws’ 1981 track “Good Feelings” for free download. This is a disco ride not to be missed.

The “Never Without You” EP will arrive on April 21 with three fine remixes by Bluford Duck, Domestic Technology, Gespleu, and a brand-new original track called “Baby”. Below, you can check out the EPs title track, featuring lovely vocals from Stella, one of many highlights from Eskimo’s latest compilation “The Blue Collection”.

Download here


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