Mungolian Jetset: “Smells Like Gasoline”

Mungolian Jetset: “Smells Like Gasoline”

Fasten your seatbelts! Norwegian duo Mungolian Jetset take us for a wild ride with their great tune “Smells Like Gasoline”. It clocks in at over nine minutes, but we still can’t enough of it. The track is taken from the duo’s forthcoming album “Mungodelics”, a “psycho-dramatic sequel” to 2009’s acclaimed “We Gave It All Away, Now We Are Taking It Back”, which drops on August 21 through Smalltown Supersound. The “Smells Like Gasoline” 12” with two remixes of “We Are The Shining” by Dan Lissvik of Studio fame and Norwegian producer Skatebård is out now. Get it here.


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