Motorcitysoul: “Playground (Mario Basanov Vocal Remake)”

Motorcitysoul: “Playground (Mario Basanov Vocal Remake)”

Frankfurt’s Motorcitysoul, the deep house duo of Matthias Vogt and C-Rock, bring some serious vibes with their new single “Playground”, which features vocals from drumming singer-songwriter Phil Fill. Here, remixing duties of “Playground” have been handed over to the amazing Lithuanian producer Mario Basanov, who delivers not one, but two fantastic reworks of the track. Great stuff as always. Preview his vocal remake of “Playground” above, and make sure to check out the original version below. Also, keep an eye out for Mario Basanov’s upcoming first solo album “Journey”, which drops on November 26 via Needwant. Can’t wait!

The “Playground” EP arrives on October 29th via Carry On. Preview the whole thing here.


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