Morgan Geist: “Megaprojects One”

Morgan Geist: “Megaprojects One”

Metro Area’s Morgan Geist, one of the most highly respected producers, is someone we’ve been following for a long time. The veteran NYC producer and Environ label boss, who is also known for his vocal house project Storm Queen, recently dropped the sublime Latin freestyle-inspired “Calling Card”/”Mezzanine” EP, featuring Canadian R&B singer Jessy Lanza, under his The Galleria alias.

Now, Morgan Geist is back with his new “Megaprojects One” EP after a seven year hiatus from recording under his own name. The four-track EP, his first Morgan Geist record since 2008’s “Double Night Time” LP, marks a welcome return to his love for Detroit techno, Chicago tracks and generally exceptional dancefloor music. It’s a “collection of low-tech tracks made with cheap little drum machines and rejected old synths,” says Geist. He composed and mixed the tracks with the intention to make them sound more ‘mega’ than they actually are. Get your fill of the EPs opening track “Darkstar” above. It’s a great one.

“Megaprojects One”, the first in a new series of EPs, is out now via Environ. Buy it here.

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