Montauk: “The Face”

Montauk: “The Face”

After releasing the awesome EP “Boys” last year, Swedish duo Montauk of Victor Holmberg and Johan Cederberg return on Sweet Surprise with a brand new jam, called “The Face”. It’s yours for free. Let’s drive…

“A hesitation could kill me. I had to be fast. Or slow. Depending on the situation. What was the situation? I don’t even know where I am. I’m a fool. A phony. It’s sad really. I’ve come this far and no one even know who I am. I’ve hit my limit. This is my stop. I’m getting off… And going home… Feels good.”

[audio:|leftbg=0xff022f|rightbg=0x00ff01|lefticon=FFFFFF|righticon=0xFFFFFF|loader=0xFFFFFF|border=0x00ff01]Montauk: “The Face” [mp3]

You can watch the video for “The Face” below:


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