Monsoon Season: “Green On Blue” (feat. Miss Bee)

Monsoon Season: “Green On Blue” (feat. Miss Bee)

Pure summertime vibes! “Green On Blue” is the new single from Vilnius based multi-instrumentalist and producer Stepan Bitus, aka Monsoon Season. This beautiful track featuring the vocals of Miss Bee, best known for her collaborations with producers Mario Basanov and Sportloto. It’s a gorgeously warm piece of music that is perfect for enjoying a cocktail on the beach or relaxing by the pool. The EP includes three fine reworks by Moon Boots, Satin Jackets and James Johnson. You can stream Moon Boots’ remix of “Green On Blue” below. It’s so so good. Preview the full release here.

Monsoon Season’s “Green On Blue” 12” EP is out now on Deep&Disco Recordings.
Pick up the 12” here


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