Metronomy: “Corinne (Benoit & Sergio Cover)”

Metronomy: “Corinne (Benoit & Sergio Cover)”

[audio:|leftbg=0xff022f|rightbg=0x00ff01|lefticon=FFFFFF|righticon=0xFFFFFF|loader=0xFFFFFF|border=0x00ff01]Metronomy: “Corinne” [Benoit & Sergio Cover]

Finally, Benoit & Sergio’s cover of Metronomy’s “Corinne” is here. And sounds so good. It’s taken from the 13 track compilation “The English Riviera Unreleased Remixes”, which drops on March 3th. It also features reworks from Ewan Pearson, Mario Basanov, Soul Clap, Clock Opera, Two Inch Punch and more. In case you missed it, grab Two Inch Punch’s shook shook rework below.

mp3: Metronomy: “The Look” [Two Inch Punch’s Shook Shook Rework]


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