Mercury: “Candlelight” feat. Robert Owens

Mercury: “Candlelight” feat. Robert Owens

Swiss duo Mercury return with another great release on Gomma and they are ready to take things to the next level. Hot on the heels of their second EP “Sweetness”, which was released in October, now they’re back with their brand new EP “Candlelight” (stream the whole thing here) and they asked one of the greatest voices in house music to join the crew, the legendary Chicago vocalist Robert Owens. The title track is a slow house burner and has been stuck on repeat in our car stereo. This should be huge. The EP also includes two jams, the funky “Running Back To You”, which features Christopher McCray (long-time collaborator of Kerri Chandler) on vocals, and the B-Side “NY Feeling”. In Mercury we trust. Go!

Mercury’s third EP “Candlelight” is out now on Gomma Dance Tracks. Buy here.


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