Max Cooper: “Origins (David August Remix)”

Max Cooper: “Origins (David August Remix)”

German house producer David Nattkemper, aka David August, returns to our ears with this quality remix of London’s electronic producer Max Cooper latest single “Origins’, featuring a sample of regular collaborator Kathrin de Boer. The remix is taken from his five-track “Kindred” EP, his first solo material since the release of his debut album “Human” earlier this year. “I love how he’s fused the broken/bass elements and 44 parts, and rounded the whole thing off with the beautifully effective arpeggiated synth riff, I’ve been having a lot of fun playing this remix in recent gigs,” says Max Cooper. Below, you can watch the video “Origins, part of Max Cooper’s “Emergence” audiovisual show, which tells the story of how everything comes from (almost) nothing. Directed by Rabbit Hole and Blackbox.

Max Cooper’s “Kindred” EP is out now through London label Fields. Buy it here.

Stream: Qtier: “Set Me On” [David August Remix]


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