Mark E: “Laurentian Abyss”

Mark E: “Laurentian Abyss”

After last year’s “Product Of Industry”, his second album for Ghostly’s Spectral Sound label, and a handful of quality disco edits on his ongoing “E-Versions” series for his own label Merc, Birmingham-based DJ/producer Mark E returns to our ears with yet another great release. His first offering for Lovefingers’ ESP Institute imprint, the two-track “Emergency” 12″, finds him operating in top form. Here, we have the the record’s a-side cut, “Laurentian Abyss”, that clocks in at almost 10 minutes. What a ride!

The track “Laurentian Abyss” conjures “narrative images from the depths of a man’s soul, trudging through an array of rhythmic pulse, percussion and arpeggiation that resembles the inner workings of a grandfather clock, based on a disorienting 5/4 timing yet culminating in a singular stroke,” according to the label.

The “Emergency” EP is out now on vinyl and digital via ESP Institute. Pick up your 12” here.

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