Marcus Marr: “Brown Sauce”

Marcus Marr: “Brown Sauce”

Ready for some hot sauce? Londoner Marcus Marr has returned with a great new “Brown Sauce” b/w “Peacemakers” 12”, which marks his first record on DFA since his killer tune “The Music”, one of our favorite dance tracks of 2012. The record’s a-side cut “Brown Sauce” sees the adventurous producer, DJ, songwriter and instrumentalist delivering a surefire dancefloor filler with some serious dark vibes. On the flip-side there’s “Peacemakers”, an incredibly groovy, funky jam full of Fender Jazz bass guitar licks.

“Depending on the vibe of the night, if you come and see me DJ it’s likely you’re going to hear some futuristic music, as well as some disco, house and so on. I want people to be warned about that so I made “Brown Sauce”. I’ve been playing it all over the place for a good while now and it never lets me down,” he says. Give both tracks a few spins, and keep en eye out for Marcus Marr’s debut album, which is expected to see a release later this year via DFA.

The “Brown Sauce” b/w “Peacemakers” single is out now on DFA. Buy it here.

Marcus Marr: “The Music”


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