Man Power: “The Tourist” Video

Man Power: “The Tourist” Video

Following a string of acclaimed releases, Mexico-based British producer Geoff Kirkwood, aka Man Power, has returned with his third EP of year, called “‘The Tourist”, which marks his first 12” for Lovefingers’ ESP Institute label. Now, the EPs title track, a summertime mind-melter, has a video to go along with it, which was produced by Pauly Barton and Lewis Bonner. Pauly is copywriter and an up-and-coming video directer and editor. Lewis B is a director, cameraman, free water diver and erm, a rapper!

“The original concept for this vid was entitled “The train that never comes” – shot on a disused train track that Lewis remembered from his childhood – however the last recce he did was 5 years ago and the landscape had changed since then – the local council had pulled up the track some time ago. Not to be deterred even though we only had one afternoon spare to shoot the vid, we quickly adapted the concept to “The delivery”. he track lent itself to pressure or a heavy burden (in Pauly’s head anyway) so we gave the Agent Smith-type character a job to do, a mission of sorts – the question is… can he fulfill it?”

Watch the clip above, and make sure to check out the record’s b-side cut, “Oye”, a gorgeous nine-minute cosmic journey, below.

The “Tourist” EP is out now on ESP Institute. Pick up your 12” here.


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