Lxury: “Square 1 (feat. Deptford Goth)” Video

Lxury: “Square 1 (feat. Deptford Goth)” Video

Fresh off the release of his second six-track EP “Into The Everywhere” for Greco-Roman, London producer Andy Smith, aka Lxury, has shared a new video for his playful house tune “Square 1”, featuring singer/songwriter Deptford Goth on vocals. The digi-animated video is actually an “homage to the narrative we find in African funeral rituals.”

“There is nothing simpler than body language. I’ve been reading and researching a lot about rituals, specially in Africa and old Mesopotamia. And I was quite amazed when I discovered the African ritual funeral dances. They explain so many things only through dance. In particular the Dogon funeral ritual, I’ve used this ritual as a narrative inspiration,” explains director Mau Morgo. Watch the video above, and download Lxury’s previously unreleased track “Let Down” for free here if you haven’t already.

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