Legowelt: “The Teac Life”

Legowelt: “The Teac Life”

Dutch producer Danny Wolfers, better known as Legowelt, is giving away his new album “The Teac Life” for free through his official website. Wolfers describes the album as “deep tape saturated forest-techno. And when I say techno I don’t mean that boring contemporary shit they call techno nowadays”. Great stuff!

01. The Nightwind
02. Half Moon 106
03. The Soul of a City
04. Forest Conditioner
05. Metro Airport
06. Moonmist
07. Beyond ur Self
08. Wherever we go
09. Mystery Cruising
10. Can u feel the otherside of ur Soul
11. Dolphin Day 1992
12. Dare to Dream
13. Encounter at Farpoint
14. U Can Fly Away From The Hood

Download the album here.

mp3: Wolfram feat. Haddaway: “Thing Called Love” [Legowelt Remix]


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