Lawrence Le Doux: “Music For Documentaries”

Lawrence Le Doux: “Music For Documentaries”

The next release on John Talabot’s Hivern Discs sublabel HVNX is a pretty special one. It comes from Belgian producer Lawrence Le Doux, real name Laurent Baudoux, with an album called “Music For Documentaries”. The 14-track record contains some of the music Lawrence Le Doux wrote for Brussels-based filmmaker and activist Fabrizio Terranova’s film “Donna Haraway: Story Telling for Earthly Survival”, a documentary about Donna Haraway, a science philosopher known for his work on gender, identity, technology and trans-species relationships, including her milestone “A Cyborg Manifesto”.

“All of the tracks were created using a limited amount instruments, with a deliberate crossover of old synthesizers like a Farfisa organ or Sequential Circuits’s Pro-One and 90’s technology like the Roland JD-800. It is curious that Lawrence says all his synths are “half-broken”, since the sounds he extracts from them are absolutely healing,” according to the label. Get a taste of Lawrence Le Doux’s LP with two blissful cuts, “Cayenne” and “Alien”.

“Music For Documentaries” arrives on May 19th via Hivern Discs. Pre-order it here.


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