Korallreven: “Here In Iowa”

Korallreven: “Here In Iowa”

We’ve been following Swedish Balearic duo Korallreven for a long time, so it’s really sad to hear that Daniel Tjäder and Marcus Joons have decided to call it quits. Having released two albums, 2011’s “An Album By Korallreven” on Acéphale and 2014’s “Second Comin'” on Cascine, not to mention their quality remixes, Korallreven have just shared their farewell single “Here In Iowa”, offering us a bittersweet final ride. Arrivederci Korallreven.

“It has been a trippie trip, sort of a dream come true, sort of a dream become shattered. Kinda incredible how Korallreven, with this weird name in Swedish snowballed from bedroom recordings in Stockholm into a headlining US tour, festivals around Europe, amazing collaborations and all this love we have felt from all around. It’s been magic, but there is a time for everything and an end to everything too, also with Korallreven. So, enjoy this single, as you would the last drop of fresh water in the jungle. It sort of underlines exactly everything we wanted to do from the beginning but never yet achieved. Lifelovingness, big words and melancholy in three and a half minutes, for the last time.”

The single “Here In Iowa” will be released as a special one-sided, full colour 7″ flexi-disc on September 18th via Be Here Records. Pre-order it here.

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