Korallreven: “An Album By Korallreven”

Korallreven: “An Album By Korallreven”

Swedish duo Korallreven, Marcus Joons and Daniel Tjäder, will finally release their debut full-length, “An Album By Korallreven”, on November 15th via Acephale. The duo are celebrating the album’s release with a mixtape entitled “A Dream Within A Dream”, featuring tracks by Britney Spears, Ciara, and more. Check out the tracklisting and download the mixtape for free below.

01. As Young As Yesterday
02. Sa Sa Samoa
03. The Truest Faith
04. Keep Your Eyes Shut
05. Loved-Up
06. Comin’ Closer
07. Pago Pago
08. Honey Mine
09. A Surf On Endorphins
10. Comin’ Down

Stream Korallreven’s “A Dream Within A Dream” mixtape below and grab it here.

Korallreven’s A Dream Within A Dream Mix

Pre-order the album here.


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