Knightlife: “Solstice”

Knightlife: “Solstice”

Melbourne-based producer and Cutters Records’ very own Mike Gamwell, aka Knightlife, recently contributed a killer acid-tinged house edit of The B Boys’ ’80s classic “Rock The House” called “Haus Angeles” to our annual “Late Summer” compilation Vol.5. Now, he’s back with his new EP “VII”, a four-track offering that reveals a concoction of house, acid and slow-burning balearic rhythm structures, stripping back the layers and re-emerging from the haze. And it’s a great ride from start to finish. Here’s the EPs opener “Solstice” for your listening pleasure. Knightlife can do no wrong!

The “VII” EP is out now in both vinyl and digital formats on Cutters Records. Get it here.

Knightlife: “Heavy Down”


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