Klaves: “People”

Klaves: “People”

Polish producer/DJ Mikolaj Gramowski, better known as Klaves, has made quite a name for himself over the past few months with his two EPs “At Dawn Again” for Koh- I-Noor Records and “What I Like” for the Kastle-helmed Symbols label and a series of quality freebies. Now, he’s back with his new single “People”, one of his finest works to date. The track “People”, a killer house tune with soulful vocal samples and deep bass, marks Klaves’ debut release for PMR Records’ brand-new sublabel Beat Club. Play it loud.

Klaves’ “People” b/w “Oh No” will be released digitally on October 12th via PMR Beat Club, while the vinyl version will come out on October 27th. Pre-order here.

mpFree: Klaves: “Tell Me”


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