Kenton Slash Demon: “Peace” Video

Kenton Slash Demon: “Peace” Video

Directed by Jenna Mangulad.

Kenton Slash Demon, the Copenhagen duo of Silas Moldenhawer and Jonas Kenton return to Future Classic with their new single “Peace”, and it does not disappoint. Featuring vocals from their When Saints Go Machine bandmate Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild, “Peace” comes hand-in-hand with a black-and-white video, which was inspired by old horror films.

In their own words: “It’s definitely the most pop’ish thing we’ve done as Kenton Slash Demon so far but we feel that crafting music that sticks out from more classic underground club tracks is also a part of our DNA. It’s dance music but too slow to really work in a classic club environment and that’s what we really liked about it – that it places itself between being a ‘song’ and a club track.”

The single “Peace” drops on June 10th via Future Classic. Buy it here.


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