Julio Bashmore: “Troglodytes”

Julio Bashmore: “Troglodytes”

[audio: http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/18637053/Troglodytes.mp3|titles=Troglodytes|artists=Julio Bashmore|width=495|leftbg=FFFFFF|rightbg=FFFFFF|lefticon=0xff022f|righticon=0x00ff01|loader=FFFFFF|volslider=00ff00]Julio Bashmore: “Troglodytes”

Bristol-based house producer Julio Bashmore has offered up a brand new tune, called “Troglodytes”, as a free download. The track features a sample from the 1972 classic funk jam “Troglodyte (Cave Man)” by Jimmy Castor Bunch. This will certainly put you in the right mood for the weekend. Also, check his latest track “Au Seve”, the first release on his own label Broadwalk Records, in case you haven’t already.

Download here


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