JKriv & Lou Teti: “Elisco”

JKriv & Lou Teti: “Elisco”

Yes! This amazing track from JKriv and Lou Teti remained shelved for almost seven years, and now it finally sees an “official” release on the newly Deep & Disco Recordings. Check out the story behind the track: “The seeds of “Elisco” were planted in the early 2000’s when label founder JKriv and Lou Teti were sharing a loft space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. After an afternoon of cowbells and synths, the skeleton of the track had its shape, and their other roomate’s girlfriend was enlisted to sing the hook. She had no singing experience to speak of, but somehow it all worked and “Elisco” was born”. Feel it!

“Elisco” will be released vinyl on October 17th with remixes by Leftside Wobble, Brighton’s Alphabet City (aka Black Lodge), and the one and only Sleazy McQueen. The digital release will be available in November. You can now preview the whole thing here.


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