Jimmy Edgar: “Sex Drive (John Talabot In Aguirre Rework)”

Jimmy Edgar: “Sex Drive (John Talabot In Aguirre Rework)”

How fast can you go? This week saw the release of Jimmy Edgar’s third single “Sex Drive”, off his recent album “Majenta”, released earlier this year via Scuba’s Hotflush imprint. This dark, electro-funk jam with lyrics inspired by J.G. Ballard’s book “Crash” gets a remix treatment by the mighty John Talabot. His epic slow-burning “In Aguirre” rework of “Sex Drive” is definitely quite impressive. Don’t miss this ride.

http://lastgasstation.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/sex-drive-john-talabot-in-aguirre-r.mp3|titles=Sex Drive (John Talabot In Aguirre Rework)|artists=Jimmy Edgar|width=495|leftbg=FFFFFF|rightbg=FFFFFF|lefticon=0xff022f|righticon=0x00ff01|loader=FFFFFF|volslider=00ff00]Jimmy Edgar: “Sex Drive” [John Talabot In Aguirre Rework]

The “Sex Drive EP is now on Hotflush. It also features a remix by Jon Convex.
Get it here.


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