Jeffrey Brodsky: “I’ll Be Strong” Video

Jeffrey Brodsky: “I’ll Be Strong” Video

Los Angeles-based producer Jeffrey “Jerusalem” Brodsky, better known as the touring drummer/percussionist of YACHT and RAC, is ready to drop his new four-track EP called “I’ll Be Strong” for Eug’s label, Public Release. Here, we have the epic video for the record’s title track, a great late-night house tune, that visualizes nature’s struggle through intense weather.

Directed by Universal Everything, the video is “all about motivation, struggling and surviving. A relentless storm of pop-digital weather bombards a group of animals, who are relentlessly dashing towards their goal – a distant volcano emitting the hypnotic chant of the song. The story is represented only through the visualisation of the invisible wind, revealing the animals with a graphic intensity.”

The “I’ll Be Strong” EP, which comes complete with three fine remixes by the likes of Mark E, Richard Sen, and Italians Do it Better’s Mike Simonetti, will drop on June 2 via San Francisco-based label Public Release. You can pre-order your 12” here.


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