Jacques Renault: “M.A.N.”

Jacques Renault: “M.A.N.”

[audio: http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/18637053/M.A.N..mp3|titles=M.A.N.|artists=Jacques Renault|width=495|leftbg=FFFFFF|rightbg=FFFFFF|lefticon=0x000000|righticon=0x313131|loader=FFFFFF|volslider=00ff00]Jacques Renault: “M.A.N.”

NYC producer/DJ and Let’s Play House’s very own Jacques Renault recently dropped his cracking new EP called “Out Of Sync”, a well-crafted four-tracker, which finds our beloved producer at his very best. The record features contributions from Andy Meecham, aka The Emperor Machine, and Midnight Magic’s Morgan Wiley. Here’s the EPs closing track “M.A.N.” that has been on repeat mode for a while now. The “Out Of Sync” EP provides plenty of reasons to get excited about Jacques Renault’s forthcoming debut LP, which is expected to be released next year. Bring it on!

The “Out Of Sync” EP is out now digitally via Let’s Play House.
Preview the whole thing here and buy your copy here.

mpFree: House Of Spirits: “Holding On” [Jacques Renault Remix]


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