Is Tropical: “Follow The Sun”

Is Tropical: “Follow The Sun”

Take a slow ride with “Follow The Sun”, another well-crafted track from London’s four-piece Is Tropical upcoming third album “Black Anything”, set to drop on March 11th via Axis Mundi Records. The single “Follow the Sun” is a homage to the importance of the Sun in Asian culture. According to the band, the song was written from seeing this precious imagery everywhere and using it as a metaphor for trying to be a better person.

“We wanted a song that could take people out of that negative mind set and show something altogether more positive. We’ve always focused on escapism, often that would revolve around writing about physical places we wanted to be, but this time it was about escaping mentally to a much better place.”

The record’s fourth installment “Follow the Sun/Now Stop” comes out on February 12th.
You can pre-order the album here.

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