In Flagranti: ‘Worse for Wear’

In Flagranti: ‘Worse for Wear’

In Flagranti are back. Alex Gloor and Sasa Crnobrnja are about to release their new album, ‘Worse For Wear’, on May 2 via Codek. “Flea markets and recycling parts of our production are really at the center of this album,” said the now London-based Sasa Crnobrnja. “I like things to be old and run-down,” added Alex Gloor, who still resides in Basel. “So I let myself be inspired by one of my favorite places to spend time: 1970s- 80s New York City.” Check out the tracklist and the video teaser below:

01. Worse For Wear
02. Prelude To Chaos
03. Hallow Discourse
04. Latter-Day Methods
05. On The Fringe
06. Three-Piece Suit
07. Peculiar Protagonist
08. The End Of The Road
09. Anglo-Saxon Pragmatism
10. Knock Out Logic


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