In Flagranti: “Skematic Tracks Vol. 1”

In Flagranti: “Skematic Tracks Vol. 1”

Another excellent release from In Flagranti. The duo of Sasha Crnobrnja and Alex Gloor has created a new series called “Skematic Tracks” and is pretty amazing. The first release contains three tracks: “Paroxysm”, “Apiration”, and “Consumer Goods”, which is already a favorite (watch the video above). In their own words: “We wanted to go back to this idea of sound assembly and create a new series for us to work with called “Skematics” it’s like a diagram or manual to help understand the interconnections between the odd parts we find and assemble, an imaginary manual for a new decade that has not been defined yet”.

“Skematic Tracks Vol. 1” coming out soon on Codek Records.
For more info about the release, go here.


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