Hercules & Love Affair: “Do You Feel The Same?”

Hercules & Love Affair: “Do You Feel The Same?”

And they’re back! After a long hiatus, Andy Butler’s dance revivalists Hercules & Love Affair finally return with their third album, “The Feast Of The Broken Heart”, the follow-up to 2011’s “Blue Songs”, which is set to drop on May 26 via Moshi Moshi. The album, which was co-produced by Ha-Ze Factory and Mark Pistel, will feature vocals from John Grant, Rouge Mary, and Krystle Warren.

Today, we’re treated to a stream of the record’s first single “Do You Feel The Same?”, a dancefloor house jam featuring vocals from Belgian singer Gustaph. The single will arrive on April 14th, backed with B-sides “Raid” and “Working Miracles”. Remixes are on the way.

The Feast Of The Broken Heart:
01. Hercules Theme 2014
02. My Offence [ft. Krystle Warren]
03. I Try To Talk To You [ft. John Grant]
04. That’s Not Me [ft. Gustaph]
05. Think [ft. Rouge Mary]
06. 5.43 To Freedom [ft. Rouge Mary]
07. The Light [ft. Krystle Warren]
08. Liberty [ft. John Grant]
09. Do You Feel The Same? [ft. Gustaph]
10. The Key [ft. Rouge Mary]

Hercules & Love Affair feat. John Grant: “I Try To Talk To You” [Hercules’ Tell All Remix]


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