Helado Negro: “I Fell In Love” (feat. Xenia Rubinos)

Helado Negro: “I Fell In Love” (feat. Xenia Rubinos)

Miami-born, New York-based artist Roberto Carlos Lange, aka Helado Negro, has returned with a new track called “I Fell In Love”, featuring vocals by his longtime collaborator Xenia Rubinos, which marks his first single since last year’s excellent sixth album “This Is How You Smile” of cosmic synth-folk. In his own words: “‘I Fell In Love’ is a song about love. It’s about all the ways we feel and the complicated things we do to try to understand this feeling. It’s not simple – it’s too complex to ever say ‘love is like this.’ Movies and songs always get it wrong. Maybe we are wrong too but I know the love I have.”

The single “This Is How You Smile” is out now as part of Adult Swim’s singles program.


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