Harvey Sutherland: “That’s The Fact, Jack”

Harvey Sutherland: “That’s The Fact, Jack”

Melbourne’s synth wizard Mike Katz, aka Harvey Sutherland, has quickly become one of our favorite producers in the game right now. While his excellent “Bermuda” EP for Danilo Plessow’s MCDE label is still getting plenty of spins at La.Ga.Sta. HQ, Harvey Sutherland brings some serious G-Funk vibes with his new track called “That’s The Fact, Jack”. It’s finely crafted tune filled with warm Rhodes chords and smooth grooves. Blast it above. “That’s The Fact, Jack” appears on San Francisco’s Voltaire Records 4th “Endeavors” compilation that explores the vibes of boogie, disco, and modern funk.

The “Endeavors” compilation is out now on vinyl. Pick up your 12″ here.

Harvey Sutherland: “New Paradise”


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