Gunnar Bjerk: “Back Then”

Gunnar Bjerk: “Back Then”

Gunnar Bjerk arrived in New York City via Arizona a few years ago with hopes of becoming a studio engineer, and landed at DFA. His recordings document the wistfulness, longing and sadness he felt about the long distance between he and his girlfriend, who was still back home in Arizona while he made records in New York City. The good news is twofold: Bjerk’s girlfriend finally made it to NYC, and what came out of those sessions are pop songs of boundless emotion. “Back Then” and “Stay”.
Gunnar Bjerk’s debut 12” single will be released on March 14th in limited edition: DFA is producing just 500 copies on 10″ vinyl. You can pre-order your copy here and stream the full release below. “Back Then” is already a favorite. Listen for yourself.

Download Gunnar Bjerk’s “Back Then” here


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