Guiddo feat. Georges Perin: “Gin ‘n’ Tears”

Guiddo feat. Georges Perin: “Gin ‘n’ Tears”

The final Beats In Space Records release of the year sees Tim Sweeney’s excellent imprint grant Berlin-based DJ, producer and multi-instrumentalist Tomasz Switala, aka Guiddo, (who also serves as one half of house duo Manhooker) a debut EP called “Gin ‘n’ Tears”. It’s a superb three-track record of disco-pop beauty and sublime bliss featuring the sultry vocals from Greek singer Georges Perin. The EPs title track is, simply put, a stellar slow jam for late-night rides that “lilts like a disco 45 at 33 rpm.” We couldn’t agree more.

The “Gin ‘n’ Tears” EP is out now on vinyl and digital through Beats In Space Records.
Buy it here.


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